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History | Belfur


The year of 1956

Starting production activities


The Fur Farm started its production activities in autumn 1956 when Yuglov Fur Farm (Latvian SSR) provided 30 heads of silver foxes.

The year of 1960

Mink breeding started


The Company’s further development is related to starting mink breeding. The first brown minks were delivered in 1960 from the Belarusian Fur Farm in quantity of 200 heads, 160 female minks inclusive. In 1963 200 mink heads were delivered from Ventspils Fur Farm of Latvian Consumers Society and 300 heads from Fur Farming and Rabbit Breeding Research and Development Center Experimental Farm. In 1964 400 mink heads were delivered from Povenets Fur Farm. At that time the Company’s material resources were rapidly developing. There were built and placed in operation several mink sheds, refrigerators, a feed mixing facility, a furskin primary processing facility, an office building. 1967.

The year of 1967

Breeding of coloured minks


Breeding of coloured minks in 1965 became a further stage in the Company’s development. 230 heads of palomino minks were delivered from Raku Fur Farm, the Estonian SSR. In 1966 100 heads of palomino minks were delivered from Audrousky Fur Farm of the Estonian Consumers Society, in 1967– 200 palomino minks were delivered from Pobeda Fur Farm of Leningrad region. In 1966 200 Finnish topaz minks were delivered from Finland. In 1970 1159 heads of pastel color minks were delivered from Avangard and Komsomolsky Fur Farms of Leningrad region.

The year of 2005

Changes in the market condition


Changes in the market condition, jump in the demand for Scandinavian breeds in the beginning of the new century were not remained to be unnoticed by the Company’s experts. With a view to extend the range of products, improve profitability and to supply the demand a decision has been made to purchase minks of Scanblack and Scanbrown breeds which were delivered in 2005 from Russia and Latvia and already in 2007 this measure came to be good in the young stock yield.

The year of 2011

Implementation of projects


In 2011 within the framework of the Government Program of social and economic development of natural resources of Pripyat Polessye for 2010-2015 several projects were started to be implemented. They were financed at the cost of own funds, bank loans, Belcoopsoyuz innovation fund. In 2012 the construction works were completed at the following facilities:

The construction of a production site for summer cage management employing advanced Danish technology with mechanized feeding and computer-aided watering place for stock. The Site production capacity is 28000 animal spaces. The amount of financing totaled to BYR 23.4 billion.The start of construction works – May 2011, commencement of operation – May 2012.

The reconstruction of inoperative refrigerators No.1 and No.2 with a capacity of 1200 tons allowed to increase production capacities of refrigerators up to 2800 tons. The amount of financing totaled to BYR 8.6 billion, The start of construction works – November 2011, commencement of operation — May 2012.

The construction of a boiler- room with 2 local fuel boilers and 1 natural gas boiler installed. The necessity in constructing of the boiler-room has been caused by the impossibility to upgrade the off-market furnace-oil boiler-room. The amount of financing totaled to BYR 2 billion, the start of construction works – August 2010, commencement of operation – November 2011.