The Production of Fur Skins

Full details

As one of the leaders in the production of fur skins our Company is involved in producing mink furskin while securing stable profits and adhering to mandatory requirements, as well as expectations of all interested parties paying special attention to consumer satisfaction.

Our History

  • 1956
  • 1960
  • 1967
  • 2005
  • 2011

Starting production activities

Starts manufacturing fur farms it refers to the fall of 1956, when Yuglovskogo fur farms from the Latvian SSR was brought 30 goals s/h foxes.


Mink breeding started

Further development of the enterprise associated with the beginning of the breeding minks. The first brown mink were brought in 1960 from Belarusian animal-breeding sovkhoz in the amount of 200 goals, including 160 females.


Breeding of coloured minks

The next step was the development of fur farms breeding minks in 1967, “colored” rocks. From animal-breeding sovkhoz “Raku” Estonian SSR were imported mink “Palomino” in the amount of 230 goals.


Changes in the market condition

In order to increase the range of products, improve profitability, meet consumer demand, it was decided to acquire and mink rocks Skanblek Skanbraun.


Implementation of projects

In 2011, the State program of socio-economic development and comprehensive utilization of natural resources of the Pripyat Polesye for 2010-2015 to launch the project.